5 Questions with Robert Chilcoat

Coming to Shaffer Strength & Conditioning (SSC) and being a member of the Athlete Training Program (ATP) is the first step in becoming a better athlete.  It also makes you part of the family.
Today we will be checking in with ATP member Robert (Rob) Chilcoat, two time NCAA National Champ at Loyola University of Chicago.
Rob recently traveled “across the pond” to continue his volleyball playing career after finishing college and spending time training at SSC.

12119018_10153155899115849_2946137878735744952_nUniversity of Essex Volleyball – #9

Shaffer :  What is the most challenging thing about being in a different country?
Rob : The most difficult part about being in England is learning to understand all the lingo the British use. They make a lot of jokes about cricket that go right over my head, so I’m starting to learn about this knock off game of baseball called cricket.
Shaffer :  What was the biggest difference going from college to pro?
Rob : In college we had a lot more support staff. Here you have to look after yourself and manage injuries and other things on your own.
Shaffer :  How did you prepare for this new season?
Rob :  I spent the months of August and September and some of October with you at SSC to work me through conditioning and strength circuits to get me ready for the season.
Shaffer :  How are drills different than in college- more complex? Or is it just a lot of playing?
Rob :  The drills have some variation but for the most part it is all stuff I have seen before. First half of practice is drill oriented, second half is 6v6.
Shaffer :  What’s your new favorite thing about the culture that you are in?
Rob :   British really do up Sunday Roasts. I thought I had eaten one before I came but my teammates have opened my eyes to a true English Sunday Roast and it is delicious!
 Thanks Rob and good luck on the rest of your season.
If you are interested in learning more about SSC and our Athlete Training Program, send us an email – chris@shafferstrength.net or just stop by. You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter – @shafferstrength
We will be happy to talk about what we do and how we can help you reach your goals.

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