Courtney Hott

Chris Shaffer is uniquely qualified to instruct strength and conditioning to supplement high level
volleyball competition. He has a long background in the sport, and an intimate understanding of the
physical demands of playing at any level.

I was first coached by Chris over 10 years ago playing on RVC’s 17 national team which went on to place 3rd at Junior Nationals. He was a volunteer assistant at VCU as I transitioned to playing at the Division 1 collegiate level.

Following my college career he was instrumental in returning me to playing in high level adult competition following my ACL surgery in 2012. He has been a coach and mentor of mine as a volleyball coach, strength and conditioning coach, and a Crossfit coach.

As a physical therapist, I will not work with a strength and conditioning coach who does not
place technique and safety above all else. Chris has developed a program for young athletes which
focuses on improving functional movement patterns, developing technique, injury prevention, core
stabilization and strengthening around the shoulders, knees, and ankles.

Participation in his strength and conditioning program poses no more risk of injury than participation in any sport would, including volleyball. I would not hesitate recommending Chris to young volleyball players interested in preventing injury, becoming a more well-rounded athlete, or taking their game to the collegiate level.
Courtney Hott PT, DPT

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