Learning from the struggle

Sport is about competing.

Competing against an opponent, a team, a clock or even yourself.

The best part about competing is the struggle and the potential to lose. If you truly love sports, you love to root for the underdog who never stops competing, struggling trying to win.

If you truly love competing then the struggle and the potential to lose is what drives you to do better, work harder and never settle. You may or may not win, but in the end it’s the struggle and the loss that are the best teachers. If you want to find out who someone is, truly, put them in a situation where they have to struggle or face losing. Then step back and watch. What they show you in those moments are who they truly are.

This is exactly why in our training at SSC we place athletes in situations where they have to struggle and may fail. So much is learned by this process. And so much of everyday life is way to easy and not much these days is ever earned.

— Shaffer


“What fun would sports be if we knew that we were going to win every time anyway?”


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