Nick Allen

I credit Chris with making me into a volleyball player.

No other coaching I received before that or have received since has had the monumental effect that his did. The combination of discipline, physical and mental strength training, and fundamental volleyball technique is unmatched. He helped me create a mindset tuned into volleyball at another level. Because of his coaching, a 17-year-old, first time volleyball player received looks from Mason, Hawaii, Nazareth, UC Santa Cruz and the likes. Though I ultimately chose to play club at Virginia Tech, I have received NCVF and EIVA All-Tournament honors, contributed to a team who has upset teams of ex-DI players, and won many high level tournaments and even a few big money purses. I can’t overstate the power behind Chris’s volleyball coaching, both on and off the court. While I may be a small fish in the big sea of competitive volleyball, Chris gave me the skills to compete at a high level of volleyball competition.

Nick Allen
Virginia Tech

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