Success is Hard

“You are not immune to outside influences.
Are you surrounding yourself with positivity, encouragement, confidence, knowledge and experience?
Or are you surrounding yourself with discouragement, jealousy, shame, insecurity or negativity?

Are you spending time around and getting advice from those that have the same goals as you…or BETTER YET…those who have done what it is you wish to do and are LIVING the life you desire?

Or are you spending your time around “friends” and family who do not live the life you desire and think you’re being unrealistic and think your dreams and goals are a waste of time, greedy, unnecessary etc?

Most people are incapable of thinking big.
They are pre-programed by the system to instill limits on themselves.
They look/hear/see big things and automatically get scared and accept as reality that they are incapable.

Don’t expect people to agree with or understand you trying to accomplish big things.
Its not that they “hate you”. Its that for them to see past their own lives and admit there is more out there would be a very harsh reminder to all of what they could have been had they just done the work.


You are under ZERO obligation to associate with anyone who fills your mind with negativity, nags, criticizes, tries to get you to quit and brings you down….and yes…sometimes these people share the same last name.


Success takes a TREMENDOUS amount of energy…and you only have so much of it.
You can choose to spend it on people who fill you with encouragement, confidence and belief.
Or you can spend it on people who cant grasp the reason why you want more for yourself and fill your mind with doubt, insecurity & guilt.

But at the end of the day…if you don’t spend your energy wisely and on people who parallel your goals and lifestyle….you will never make it.

This is an uncomfortable part of success…no doubt…but if you aren’t ready or strong enough to make the cuts on the “roster” of your life, you are not ready to win at life either.”

— Andy Frisella —



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